Yep! Easily done! All it takes is a wheel change, although when changing wheels always re-check your shifting and brake alignment.

You can fit up to a 36t chainring.

All our bikes come with tubes installed, it's easier to ship that way. All our bikes come ready to convert to tubeless, that means: rims are tubeless compatible, rims have tubeless rim tape installed, and tubeless valves come in the box. All you have to supply is the tire sealant.

Our bikes come stock with 2.0" tire for the 29" wheel, and 2.6" for the 27.5. The 27.5" is pretty maxed out at 2.6", but you can fit a 2.2" on the 29" without issues.

Hudski is a combination of our last names; Hudson and Szykowny. Doggler is a word of endearment when greeting a good friend you haven't seen in a while.

Aluminum doesn't get enough credit for its versatility. It's a great material to make a bike with: it's light, durable (with the correct heat treating and material choice), and easy to manipulate ride quality with tube choice. An aluminum frame pairs well with large volume tires due to its inherent stiffness, matched with a carbon fork gives the front end a more refined and tuned ride quality, it also keeps it lightweight.

Dropper seatposts were initially designed for mountain biking, but we think they have their place in all conditions. In a city environment it's amazing how convenient a dropper seatpost is when coming to a stop. Lowering the set allows booth feet to be on the ground and with the press of a lever on the bars the seat raises right back up to your ideal saddle height. Lowering the seatpost before descending allows the rider to lower their center of gravity. Without the saddle up you can let the bike absorb impacts and flow with the trail easier. If you can't tell by now, we're big fans of droppers.

There will be basic allen wrenches included with the bike: a 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm wrench.

Absolutely! It has all the mounting points on the frame and fork to accommodate fenders.

You can run a mountain front derailleur using a 34.9mm clamp.

180mm with adaptors.

Your new bike comes 90% assembled, we include hex keys to adjust the important components and get you from 90 to 100. Turn the bars, put your front wheel in, and pump up the tires. We advise bringing your new bike to a shop for an inspection after finishing assembly. 

Unfortunately we found a tolerance issue with the 12mm adapters so we will not be offering adapters with complete bikes moving forward. most hub manufactures will have hub endcaps you can swap from 12mm to 15mm, if you're looking to use a gravel wheelset.

The dimensions from the inside edge of the seat tube to the inside edge of the headtube is: small 505mm, medium 537mm, large 567mm, x-large 597mm.

Currently Shimano only suggests using a flat mount rear caliper with mountain levers. You can absolutely use a flat mount caliper on the fork, for example Sram Level, Paul 'The Klamper', Hope RX4.

Unfortunately there is not a solid eta on framesets, but we are estimating around the end of 2021. When we have them available they will include: frame, fork, bottom bracket, headset, seatpost clamp, hardware and axles.

We have a 30 day return policy. If you do plan to return the bike it must be in like-new condition. The return policy is in place mostly for sizing purposes and that can be done indoors or with a quick ride on the street. Contact us to initiate a return.

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