It’s a simple machine, with a simple mission: create a playful bike with progresive mountain bike geometry, up-to-date components, on a light weight platform. The Doggler can hang with the gravel crew as well as the XC crew. A true can-do bike that fits in with how you want to ride. For gravel rides, for mountain tours, for the daily commute, the Doggler can do it.

Gravel Differently

Tackle the gnarliest gravel rides on a
confidence inspiring flat bar gravel bike, built to charge with a smile.

Backcountry Bikepacking

Load up your gear and explore dirt trails and abandoned logging roads on this adventure tour focused rigid mountain bike.

Commute The Fun Way

Have the best ride ever. See how a dropper seat post can transform your urban riding: more comvinence, control, and shred.

Choose your build.

Your bike, your way, direct to you.

Shipped to you 90% assembled, ready to build.

Professional assembly at a Hudski service center.

Delivered to your door fully assembled and tuned.

Local pick up at our California warehouse.