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How to: Install a dropper seatpost on your Deore Doggler

Ooh, buddy- you're about to unlock your Doggler's full potential!

Before starting anything, be sure to measure your saddle height (from the center of the crank bolt to the top of the saddle).

This will be super helpful when you go to dry- fit the dropper... you'll need this measurement to know just how much cable & housing to trim off before you fully button things up.

Here's a list of tools you'll need:

  • 5mm Allen
  • 6mm Allen
  • Park Tool BBT- 9 bottom bracket remover
  • Park Tool CN-10 cable & housing cutters (or any comparable options)
  • Poly lube/ grease

Install Instructions

  1. With the  5mm Allen ,   loosen the (2x) pinch bolts on the side of the non- drive side crank arm
  2. Use the 6mm Allen  to loosen & remove the plastic compression bolt on the non- drive side crank arm
  3. You're now able to remove the non- drive side crank arm
  4. Pull the drive- side crank arm & chain ring out of the bottom bracket

With the crankset removed, we can now remove the bottom bracket cups.

  • Use the  Park Tool BBT-9 to remove the non-drive bottom bracket cup
  • Using the same tool, remove the drive- side cup
  • Remove the cylindrical, plastic sheath

With the BB & crankset out, you're now able to set up the dropper.

  1. Feed the cable housing from:
    drive-side downtube port > inside the downtube > up through the BB shell > up into the seat tube
  2. Dry- fit the dropper to figure out how much cable & housing to trim off
    - before cutting cables or housing, install the dropper post as if you were finished and set it to your saddle height
    - bring the housing up to the dropper lever and mark off where you need to trim the housing (get that housing looking pro!!)
    - Loosen up the dropper, remove the cable, cut the housing
  3. With the housing cut to length, REINSTALL the dropper for the last time
  4. Make sure the barrel adjuster is backed in & reset before bolting up the cable (that'll allow you to make adjustments to any slack in the cable)
  5. Test it out, you should be good!

    Dropper actuation should be quick and firm. If you press the lever and there's any lag, that means you've got some slackness in the cable.

With the dropper set up, you've got to reinstall the bottom bracket & crankset.

  1. Use the  Park Tool BBT-9 to install the non-drive bottom bracket cup
  2. Use the  Park Tool BBT-9 to install the drive- side bottom bracket cup AND plastic sheath
    - Be sure to use any grease on the threads if there isn't enough of the original grease
  3. Slide the drive-side crank arm & chainring in the BB
  4. Pop on the non- drive crank arm
  5. BEFORE tightening the two 5mm pinch bolts, you need to  FIRST CAREFULLY tighten that 6mm plastic compression bolt
    - Should be hand tight
    - When you tighten this up, you should see the crank arms pull together.
    - Do NOT over tighten the plastic compression bolt
    - You'll know it's good when there isn't any lateral play between the cranks
  6. Tighten the two 5mm pinch bolts
  7. Double check there isn't any play in the crankset, everything's shifting good, dropper's dropping
  8. Cruise!

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