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Recap: Arc'teryx Norcal's Groovie Group Ride

Nehemiah Brown & Chris Schierholtz, Arc'teryx Norcal ambassadors, led a 13-mile mixed terrain group ride through Corte Madera and Mill Valley.

Hudski Crew was out in full force and provided a whole demo fleet of MTB & Gravel Dogglers for folks to rip around on. 

There was a solid group that made it out- saw some familiar faces & met some new friends along the way. The route was rad and really highlighted some of the trail gems that this part of Marin really has to offer. 

Someone's too nice with the Poscas!
Lookin like the Kentucky Derby starting gate out here

We rolled out from the storefront right onto the gravel path that lines the Corte Madera Marsh Marine State Park. 

The ride was perfectly mellow…this was an after- work ride for most of us and we were just tryna shoot the shit and pedal around!

(Front) Arc'teryx Ambassador, Nehemiah, on his SC Highball. (Rear) Huddy Fam, Cody, ripping on a Doggler EVO.

Huge shoutout to Gene Torno who was out there shooting some photos of the event. 


Gene was shooting a rad Olympus OM-D with a few prime lenses stashed away in bags all over his bike. 

A dedicated bike head- Gene was fresh off a flight right before the ride! Dropped off his luggage and headed straight to the ride to shoot photos! What a lad!

Dudes just dude'n the dew. You know how it is.
How sick is that flat bar Mosaic!

Two Doggler EVOs out in their natural habitat.

The Doggler is already a super capable platform, but sometimes the trail demands just a tad bit more confidence from a rigid bike. 

With Fox's 40mm 32TC fork under them, these 2 were popping off everything and just getting after it! Super fun to watch. 

Aidan was a ripper and came out with his dad, Matt Sharkey-
Then I cruised home back to SF in the dark with no lights… don't tell my mom. Later!

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